SG Sports
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Mission Statement

SG Sports


To provide co-educational, year-round, organized, multi-sport instruction in a non-intimidating environment with an emphasis on fun.  Where all kids play all the time.


Children are matched on skills rather than age.  Children learn respect for self, others, and the game in a family oriented milieu. 

Guiding Principles

a.       Inclusivity

b.      Difference-Acceptance Environment

c.       Adherence to Positive Coaching Alliance Philosophy and Practices

·         Honoring the Game

·         Redefining “Winner”

·         Filling the Emotional Tank

d.      Affordability

SG Sports  is appropriate for children:

·         Who have never tried sports

·         Who want to learn a new sport

·         Who want to play without the pressure of high performance

·         Diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder and are high functioning, ADHD, mild mental retardation

SG Sports  has the right to recommend other alternatives if there is not a good fit between the program and child.

SG Sports  is not recommended for children:

·         Who have a physical handicap that requires significant accommodations

·         Who require intensive 1:1 attention due to behavioral excess for an extended period of time

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