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Would you like your child to play family-oriented organized sports? SG Sports provides semi-competitive soccer, baseball and flag football in a relaxed environment.


We recognize that highly competitive leagues are valuable and can be instructive, fun and exciting. We also recognize that these leagues are not for everyone and many children who would like to play organized sports can be hesitant for many reasons. Children may not feel ready to compete with peers of the same age; fear contact and injury; lack intensity or desire required for competitive leagues; have developmental delays or may be reluctant to socialize in small or large groups or for a variety of other reasons.


Many leagues become very competitive at a young age -- if your child has not begun playing organized sports at an early age, they might have missed out on coaching, instructions and techniques that other children their age may have already experienced. We know that all children do not progress at the same time and rate. Some children have developmental delays that pose additional challenges to keeping up with same-aged peers. Since most leagues are organized by age this may leave some children at a disadvantage that they may not readily overcome. As a result playing time may be reduced. This is “no fun” and they may become discouraged and disinterested from playing.  We also understand that some children are interested in sports, but are challenged in intimate or large social groups. SG Sports is associated with and helped by organizations that specialize with children addressing these challenges. To minimize anxiety, we encourage socialization through team interaction, team spirit and having friends and siblings, with similar skills, playing together.


SG Sports’ leagues are organized by skill level, not wholly by age. In this way, players are more closely matched. Everyone gets to play the entire game. There is no second string or player ranking. Players rotate through every position, thus get to understand each aspect of the game. Scores are a result of team play and not the best players being placed in strategic positions. We do keep score at games. We believe that valuable lessons can be taught in the proper handling of winning and losing games. SG Sports is a Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) member and supports and encourages all of our coaches to attend PCA training. We “Honor the Game” and the ROOTS of positive play as described by PCA. Sports can sometimes be physical and there are risks of injury. We try to minimize these risks where possible through rules changes. Coaches and referees will stop any rough play.


Finally, SG Sports relies upon and thanks volunteers and donors for their support. Without you, we could not provide these valuable experiences for our children.


Come join us.


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SG Sports
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