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SG Sports is currently on hiatus for Organizational Restructuring

Located in San Jose, California, SG Sports is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing family-oriented organized sports experiences in a relaxed environment. We welcome children with a pervasive developmental disorder or disability (e.g., ASD) and are high functioning. We are associated with and helped by organizations that specialize with children that address these challenges. Children will play seasonal sports on teams organized by skill levels.  Tolerance and fun are the main focus on semi-competitive teams.  Parent participation is required at practices and games; these are not “parent drop-off” events. The ultimate goal is for members to have fun while playing organized sports, learn skills and interact with peers in a difference-acceptance environment. Socialization is encouraged through team interaction, team spirit and having friends and siblings, with similar skills, playing together.


We are not changing the game just the approach to it

Co-ed League organized by skill instead of by age

All children play the entire game (unless they take an elective time out)

Seasonal Sports:


T-ball/ Baseball

Co-ed Flag Football

Difference-acceptance environment


Please contact us with any questions.

SG Sports
¦ 6081 Meridian Ave., Suite 70 #161 ¦ San Jose, CA 95120 ¦ (408) 691-8227 ¦

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